Friday, December 24, 2010

There is a first time for everything

Well, here goes nothing.

This is officially my first post ever in the world of blogging, which is surprising since I used to love to write.  To be able to put your words on paper, edit, spell-check, and utilize the ever important filter before you put your ideas out there is an amazing concept.  I will save the life changing rhetoric for latter posts, today I just wanted to spend a few moments to spell out my love for my family.

I have an amazing wife that builds me up to be a better leader, father, husband, and Man of God; she is part of the inspiration for my starting my own blog  She also brought into the world an amazing little girl Lindsey, who is the light of our life.  Tonight we put out cookies and milk for Santa, and went to go to bed.  Before we can go to sleep, she wants to pray for our friends and family, and sometimes the occasional stuffed animal.

Both of our families live out of state, so our local family consists of several couples that we get to go to church with, our neighbors Becky and Buddy, and our small group from church of which we do life together.  I am so thankful for everything that we have been blessed with this year, and am super excited about what 2011 has in store for the Dunks family.

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