Sunday, January 30, 2011

Build up and send out

So one of the mottos of the church that I am a part of is to build up and to send out.  For those who don't know, Lifechurch is pretty progressive.  Infact some people might think that we are too progressive.  But we are committed to do anything short of Sin to bring people to know Jesus.  Our pastor, Craig Groeschel, resonates a great ideology that states, to reach those people that nobody is reaching, you have to do things that nobody is doing.  So what some people say is too much I say it isn't enough.

That being said, sometimes I run across people that attend LC and try to compare it to other churches, with the opposite things to say, "they aren't doing enough or they are too internalized".  One such conversation started today, I was talking with one of the people that I serve with and he was sharing his experience at "traditional" church.  He spent a long time there, and thought that they weren't doing enough to reach out to others.  Trying to stem the conversation into the positive, I quickly reminded him that his church was sending people out, because it was his growth at that church that led him to LC.  It built him up enough to send him to where he was needed. 

Just remember, when you feel like you are unhappy with your situation, circumstance, or surroundings, pray that God opens your eyes to the possibility that you didn't just end up where you are by accident, he is just preparing you for the next step so be prepared.

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